Touring | Stage Production

A major part of any recording artist’s career in the 21st century is their live performances. Nick has over a decade of touring experience, both in Canada and around the world. Whether it’s tour managing, sound engineering or even show production, nothing is off limits; be it with set pieces, banners or simply an energetic performance. His latest touring endeavor, entitled Regarde Maman, I’m on the Tour! gave Nick the opportunity to design an entirely original visual experience, utilizing 3D video projection, synchronized with DMX lighting and music cues. In partnership with Stereo Films, he applyed his skills in video, animation and editing while combining the latest touring technology to present a breathtaking, efficient and most importantly effective live performance around the globe.

“Kamakazi jumped on stage to a horde of screaming fans who impatiently waited for the first song to start. The only thing “punk” about this band is the singer’s orange Mohawk. Besides that, we are dealing with a pop rock band with an average fan base of 12-25 year olds. While not my cup of tea, this band was simply the tightest of the night. The vocals were spot on, the set design was perfect and the songs were hit after hit without missing a beat. The most professional performance of the entire night.”

— Daily Rock Webzine (April 2016 – Translated from French)

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