A true born and raised Montreal-er, Nick has spent the last two decades traveling the world doing what he loves most; creating art. Whether he is on stage performing, behind a typewriter with a script, producing an artists’s next release or hosting a podcast he succeeds in bringing his ideas to life and sharing them with the world.

In his early years with the pop-punk band Kamakazi, he toured and played for fans around the world while releasing a few albums (one of which nominated for best rock album at L’ADISQ in 2012). Every album brought on more TV and Radio airplay, major festival appearances and various opportunities. He worked with various producers, such as Gus Van Go and Werner F. in New York on owning his craft. As the main songwriter and later producer those formative years allowed Nick to learn the nuts and bolts of the ever-changing music industry while his career blossomed. He also dabbled in stage production, adding flair and entertainment value to his live shows using theatrical components and video projection.

What followed was a natural shift from the front of the console to behind; Producing. His reputation with Kamakazi garnered attention from the industry culminating in Nick ultimately making the leap to writing and producing other artists. His experience in the industry became a vital tool to coaching and guiding artists – big or small. He finally opened The Bat Cave Studio in 2014 where he can record, mix and write with artists of all genres and sizes.

One constant passion remained over the years: Writing.

A fan of all things pop-culture and media, in his spare time Nick would often work freelance writing scripts, short stories, blog entries and other creative writing endavours while graduating from Concordia University in English Literature. In later years, using his experience in the music industry Nick developed, wrote and animated a cartoon web-series titled The LX.

In late 2017, Nick started his own Podcast Nick a un Podcast de Dictionnaire! as a way to present different artisans from all industries to a curious audience. His experience in studio production and media allowed him to create what is now a must-hear hour of programming.

He also created several comic projects such as #COMIC, The Kaziman and Brucie Bruce. All of which are available for free online or paperback.

Today, the future is bright with no end on the horizon. Nick is limited only by his passion, drive and creativity.

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